2007: Exhibition of recent works at the Waterloo Gallery

2006: Reload: an exhibition of recent paintings at Waterloo Gallery

2004: “Exhibition of Recent Paintings”, Waterloo Gallery London

1994: “Cymbals and Symbols” – an exhibition of recent paintings at the 198 Gallery, London.

1991: “Thoughts and Images” at the Nigerian High Commission in London.

1988: “Offspring of the Mind” at Nigerian Union of Journalists’ Press Centre, Enugu, Nigeria.


2009: ‘Spring’ a group exhibition by Chike Azuonye, Hassan Aliyu, Michael Echekoba and Aynur Kamara at the WAC Gallery, London.

2008: In Our Manor, Waterloo Gallery, London

2007: Space Open-Space Studios Vauxhall Street, London

2007: Summer Group Show, Waterloo Gallery London

2006: Joint Art Exhibition with Hassan Aliyu, Waterloo Gallery London

2005: Battersea Contemporary Art Exhibition, London

2004: Nostalgia Gallery, Teddington Middlesex

2003: Space Studios Open 2003, London

2003: Live Africa-Madden ham Gallery, Ely Cambridge

2002: Paperleaf Arts Fair, Battersea, London.

2001: Battersea Contemporary Art Exhibition, London

2000: Paperleaf Arts Fair, Battersea, London.

1997-99: Working on a series of paintings and portrait commissions.

1996: The Paragon Studios Open (Part of the WhiteChapel Open) London

1995: Art95-Business Design Centre, Islington, London

1994: International Cultural Festival, France.

1992: Exhibition of recent works, American Embassy, London

1991: A Grain of Wheat: Art Relief for Africa. Commonwealth Institute, London

1990: International Black Art Fair – Brixton, London

1990: International Contemporary Art Show Lithaby Gallery, London

1986: Nigerian-German Prints, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Lagos and Hamburg

1984/85: Exhibition of Paintings, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


1988: Best Artist of the Year” Award (NYSC) Anambra State, Nigeria




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